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Augmented Reality Travel App “Visit Ouray” Revolutionizes Tourism for Colorado City

Ouray, Colorado is the Home of the AR Tourism App Visit Ouray

OURAY, COLORADO: UrWay, an artificial intelligence startup innovating the outdoor activity industry, is proud to announce the launch of a new augmented reality (AR) tourism app for the city of Ouray, CO. The Visit Ouray app allows visitors to learn more about the city and its surrounding mountains and trails as they explore, like a personalized local guide at their fingertips.

To learn about a point of interest with the Visit Ouray app, users just point their smartphone’s camera at their field of vision. Then, information about the landmark is overlaid onto the user’s screen with the location’s name, background, and other helpful information. 

Nestled within the stunning San Juan Mountains of southwestern Colorado, Ouray is a picturesque and historic town with breathtaking mountainous landscapes. Surrounded by towering peaks and rugged landscapes, Ouray is renowned for its natural hot springs, which have drawn visitors seeking relaxation and rejuvenation for generations.

Innovations in augmented reality for travel are set to revolutionize the way visitors and adventurers explore the world around them. UrWay is positioned to utilize this technology for other destinations beyond Ouray. The prototype has potential to be customized for use cases, particularly in the outdoor recreation category. 


About UrWay: UrWay is an innovative artificial intelligence and augmented reality development startup specializing in the outdoor activity and tourism industry. UrWay’s proprietary global visual positioning system locates users in both urban and rural environments, and the possibilities for this technology are endless. 


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